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Bon Jovi (Livin on a Prayer cover). This is one of my favorite songs of all time. I hope you like our version!

"Livin' on a Prayer," Bon Jovi (1986) Another massive sing-a-long favorite , especially in a crowded bar when turning down the volume during the chorus. One that has truly spanned decades and held ... All Creatures of Our God and King Graydon Tomlinson b748eb66-c658-4f73-9b69-c0de2f0e9d92 My Heart Stefano Tirone b7499faf-0b44-4e8d-8e06-bafc7f33e36b ExtraBall Records Domino b74b1946-f565-46b6-ab0d-6c7fded3016b Everything Happens to Me Chet Baker b74c6ab8-7237-4450-a37b-9ae6b9e88143 It's You or No One Gene Ammons b74d228c-dbee-4478-b2a1 ...

2022.01.28 15:34 Efficient-Sir-2539 Bon Jovi (Livin on a Prayer cover). This is one of my favorite songs of all time. I hope you like our version!

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2022.01.28 15:34 quinnjh H o w

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2022.01.28 15:34 Blacksonfive Least broken MissingNo run

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2022.01.28 15:34 crytoloover AeroVek x Elrond - Viitorul Aviatiei este pe Blockchain - Listare Maiar Exchange

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2022.01.28 15:34 Strikes_X2 5e with 4e Formatting

I know 4e gets a lot of hate but I really liked its formatting. I hope they do something like the 4e formatting for all the class features, spells, monsters and adventures. I have been playing the game on and off for close to 40 years now and I really loved how 4e standardized the layouts. For example, let's take a look at the 5E spell Burning Hands in a 4E layout.
Burning Hands (Level 1 Evocation)
As you hold your hands with thumbs touching and fingers spread, a thin sheet of flames shoots forth from your outstretched fingertips.
Casting Time: 1 Action Range: Self (15ft cone)
Components: V, S Duration: Instantaneous
Attack: DC (?) vs Dexterity saving throw
Damage: 3d6 fire damage on a failed save or half as much damage on a successful one.
Increase damage by 1d6 for each slot level above 1st.
Effect: The fire ignites any flammable objects in the area that aren't being worn or carried.
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2022.01.28 15:34 ComprehensiveM96 Why is my Ph higher a week before my period?

My discharge starts to get a really funky smell to it right before my period and I tested my Ph and it’s within the 4.5-5.0 range. Why does this happen every month? I’m fine the first two weeks leading up to ovulation and then after ovulation leading into my period, it raises again.
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2022.01.28 15:34 Sexy_Cephalopod What do his undies say? - but sing it like “what does the fox say?”

Let’s play a game: you have X-ray vision and can see through people clothes like super man… what do different styles of undies tell you about a dude? Example: jock straps - bottom, thong - slut, trunks - hunk, loose boxers - str8
make snap decisions and comment them below. And remember this is meant to be fun, don’t yuck other’s yums please.
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2022.01.28 15:34 Original-Droidster STRIKE - (Cashapp Competitor) - Get $5 in BITCOIN, !!!! - no deposit required - !!!! - Withdraw to bank or send to BTC wallet [US RESIDENTS]

This is no longer $11, don't get baited into people being dishonest claiming it's still $11
This is the easiest "no deposit" reward around.
Strike Offer - Screenshot https://imgur.com/a/1fCvCcE
Proof of rewards - Screenshot https://imgur.com/a/zcgMSyC
Referral Link: https://invite.strike.me/I2XFG3
Referral Code: I2XFG3 enter manually when signing up if link does not apply the code)
!!!! Does not require you to send $5 first like Cashapp, no deposit necessary!!!!
​Signup for strike and get $5 , no deposit required, this is a cashapp like app, in-fact its really really similar. You can cash out to bank or debit card, or convert to bitcoin.

Purchasing Bitcoin is extremely cheap almost 0 fee, Example I bought $10 worth with my first 2 rewards and ended up with $9.97 worth. Not only is the fee extremely cheap they also don't try to advertise cheap fee and then hide it inside of a large spread.

Another excellent feature is if you pay someone via a received bitcoin lightening network invoice you get satoshi's back.

Also it is extremely cheap to send to a wallet or certain exchanges since it operates on the lightening network and has segwit support.

Example: I sent $9.97 worth of btc to Binance Dex and ended up with $9.91

About Strike

Strike is a mobile payments app that allows users to send and receive money anywhere, instantly, for free. Strike is built on top of the Bitcoin network – the largest global, interoperable, and open payments standard. Strike believes that open payment networks enable universal participation in the financial system, ushering in a new digital economy with truly borderless money transfers. Strike leverages Bitcoin’s open payment network to offer users the first global peer-to-peer payments app and a novel bitcoin-native financial experience. Learn more at www.strike.me.
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2022.01.28 15:34 eligreyy AWD OFF warning light?

Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. We had our biggest snow of the year so far today, and all day i’ve been driving my 2014 MKS around for work. it’s been fine no issues aside from some sliding here and there. I get into my neighborhood and the snow is really heavier than the main roads, so im sliding around alot. all of a sudden I get the “AWD OFF” light pop up on the dash as i’m about to pull in my driveway. it made my car slide alot. has this happened to anyone and is this something i should be concerned about or is it maybe just from the snow?
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2022.01.28 15:34 Fluffghost Why yes I now identify myself as an Australian Shepard/j

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2022.01.28 15:34 jmanpc Found dog, Baymeadows and Southside area

I have found a dog in the Baymeadows and Southside area. It just wandered into my garage this morning with a leash attached. Took it to the vet and it is not chipped. If you can send me a matching description or picture, I'll happily reunite you!
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2022.01.28 15:34 Silly_Spark_9774 Regenerative encryption is too bright

It glitters so much that I can't see my reticles or front sight. What matters is that the virtual stock is not as effective as in PAVLOV so it's difficult to align front and rear sight under bad visibility.
--Complaint below-- Too fast regeneration (even if I shoot the center, and the weakened duration itself is short), wiggling stock, non-stop rush of like 6 of high power sosigs(limited ammo as it seems to decrease enemy count), all these make the last wave frustrating rather than challenging. Thank Devs now we have options to turn of high tier encryptions, but is there any tips I'm missing?
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2022.01.28 15:34 MMSTINGRAY Corbyn blasts government's ‘absolutely outrageous trade union tax’

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2022.01.28 15:34 dimitrios_vlachos_04 Spessartine on smoky quartz. (Via qileisi1987 on ig)

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2022.01.28 15:34 Tony-CliftonVR Best player?

Who’s the best player in this game?
View Poll
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2022.01.28 15:34 ClubA0 Is there scientific proof that non-binary genders are real?

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2022.01.28 15:34 greakfreeklol [PSN] [H] smallish inventory [W] credits listed, feel free to offer for RLCS, Striker champ wheels! (:

UNCOMMONS: [H] Cobalt, Crimson, FG, Orange, Pink, Purple and Saffron Cromulon [W] offers
[H] BS Mariachi Hat [W] offers
[H] Grey Witch's Hat [W] offers
[H] BS and Grey Wizard Hat [W] offers
RARES: [H] 2 CC3 Shisas [W] 350 credits each
[H] Gale fire [W] 100 credits
[H] CC2 sky blue Dragon lord BP [W] 1000 credits
[H] CC2 cobalt Dragon lord BP [W] 1000 credits
VERY RARES: [H] PCC striker unpainted chakram [W] 50 credits
[H] Cobalt Invader [W] 50 credits
[H] SSC striker sky blue Peppermint [W] 1500 credits
[H] CC1 striker purple Chakram [W] 800 credits
[H] CC1 striker black Chakram [W] 2000 credits
[H] CC1 striker tw Chakram [W] 1500 credits
[H] CC1 striker bs Chakram [W] 1000 credits
IMPORTS: [H] FG fennec [W] 500 credits
EXOTICS: [H] orange Komodo [W] 300 credits
[H] grey Neyoyo [W] 200 credits
[H] crimson Neyoyo [W] 200 credits
[H] sky blue Hypnotik [W] 400 credits
[H] CC3 striker crimson Discotheque [W] 2000 credits
[H] CC3 striker orange Discotheque [W] 2000 credits
[H] CC3 striker saffron Discotheque [W] 2000 credits
[H] CC2 striker lime Lobo [W] 2000 credits
[H] CC2 striker saffron Lobo [W] 2000 credits
[H] CC4 striker purple Ara-51 [W] 2000 credits
RLCS: [H] 3 Ninja sets [W] 2000 credits each
[H] Aero mage set (minus black and tw) [W] 6500 credits
[H] Sweeper pink Razzle [W] offers
[H] purple Razzle [W] 700 credits
[H] sb Razzle [W] 1300 credits
[H] cobalt Razzle [W] 500 credits
[H] orange Razzle [W] 400 credits
[H] Victor Sea turtle [W] 500 credits
[H] Black CRL Eastern [W] 1900 credits
[H] sb CRL Eastern [W] 1400 credits
[H] pink CRL Eastern [W] 1000 credits
[H] purple Nooo! [W] 700 credits
[H] crimson Emerald [W] 400 credits
[H] purple Emerald [W] 350 credits
[H] unpainted Stratum badge [W] 20 credits
[H] cobalt Hephaestus [W] 150 credits
[H] 2 unpainted Hephaestus [W] 50 credits each
[H] purple tactician yoreband [W] offers
[H] orange RLCS octane [W] 250 credits
[H] crimson RLCS X octane [W] 300 credits
[H] cobalt RLCS X octane [W] 250 credits
[H] unpainted Ninja [W] 50 credits
[H] lime Ninja [W] 100 credits
[H] pink Anispray [W] 250 credits
[H] scorer orange Ballistic [W] offers
[H] orange Ballistic [W] 150 credits
[H] 4 goalkeeper Big splash [W] 50 credits each
[H] 45 guardian Big splash [W] 50 credits each
[H] 8 paragon Big splash [W] 50 credits each
[H] 27 scorer Big splash [W] 50 credits each
[H] 3 sniper Big splash [W] 50 credits each
[H] 40 sweeper Big splash [W] 50 credits each
[H] 7 tactician Big splash [W] 50 credits each
RP ITEMS: [H] orange Mage glass 3 [W] 200 credits
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2022.01.28 15:34 trueworldnews Question for people from Tobruk: [/u/Disastrous-Use-6176]

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2022.01.28 15:34 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IE] - Remote working: Irish Times readers give their response on returning to the office | Irish Times

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2022.01.28 15:34 purpleturtle777_ Can you freeze spinach (and other easily perishable vegetables) then use it as needed?

I just would like to minimize my trips to the store, because I don't live super close to anything. Some vegetables have to be used very quickly - within a few days, and I don't want to constantly have to go restock. What if I get a big container and freeze it, then when I need some, thaw it and use it? That way I don't have to use it all at once and I can also spread out of my trips.
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2022.01.28 15:34 mrhobby Snow days

What a hypocrisy. We can't have online only classes for whatever made up reasons, but in case of snow, all in-person and hybrid classes readily move to online. What about students who specifically signed up for in-person? What if my power goes down and I have no internet, but I wanted to be in-person?
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2022.01.28 15:34 International_Air813 Dear Supercell, this has to end, NOW.

So as a lot of you probably already know, dozens of rare bases have been getting phished and then ruined lately, although this problem has existed for years.
Note that some of this bases are engineered bases, 2012 stone bases, rare special obstacle bases, low th pushers, high donators and other unusual bases.
All of these accounts have been put a lot of work, time and effort into them, hundreds of hours, all to be ruined and lost bc a random idiot thought it'd be funny to phish the account and destroy the progress.
Of course, the only reason why this is happening is because supercell's account recovery system is the absolute worst it could possibly and remotely ever be. Don't get me wrong, all of the phishers (which I've talked a fair bit with myself) are toxic scum as$holes that only do this for fun, not caring at all about the true owners of the accounts. But if you give someone the possibility to steal accounts it will end up happening, ultimately its the system's fault because there are always gonna be idiots somewhere. Supercell has been ignoring and evading this problem for years now, for several reasons:

  1. Trying to fix this problem would mean recoginsing that there is one in the first place, which is something that they refuse to do.
  2. The agents that work in the recovery system support are from an external company, and redesigning everything would mean hiring/forming/firing new people, which would cost a lot of money aswell as require a lot of work.
  3. They aren't getting enough shit for it. They have an easy and bad designed solution for a problem they clearly don't care about, so as long as other people don't care they wont bother in fixing it.
The problem is massive right now, a mildly experienced phisher could phish any account in the game after a few tries right now just by knowing their tag. Some people have even created phishing bots that can automatically do it. They also use vpns to change locations so that they get the best agents all around the world (yes they know pretty much all of them and which ones are the best to phish accounts, its rumoured that some of them even secretly help the phishers and make it even easier than what it already is for them). Seeing how bad the issue is right now and how supercell has done nothing after all this years I want to propose some solutions to the problem here:
1: accounts that are already linked to supercell id should simply not be able to be recovered, its that easy. If you are the true owner of it go and recover the email linked to the account and that way you will get it back. If for some reason you have lost the email for good I am so sorry but the account will be lost forever. But lets be honest, most of the time someone claims that they have lost the email for good in sc support its just a phisher trying to steal someone's account.
2: Never ask questions about information of the account that can easily be known by anyone. Ive seen questions like the date the account was created, past clans that it has been in, previous names, last time someone logged in, etc. Most of these things are easy to know by looking at the base's tag, obstacles, clan history or name history that some online tools automatically provide. Instead, only questions like past in-game purchases, specific location, API code or even friend list should be asked by support. These things are much harder to know (although definitely not impossible) if you arent the true owner of the base, which will make it a bit harder for phishers.
  1. Enable 2 factor authentication for accounts. 2FA has proven to be relatively safe (although definitely not flawless) in various other places so it would add some extra safety to coc.
  2. Someone should not be able to recover an account that has been recovered in the past. A lot of the time these type of people like to steal accounts to each other so this would be an easy way to stop this from happening. This would already be solved with the first point but I wanted to point it out.
Sc I hope this post makes you finally take action, bc this isnt the first one from me or from several other members of the community and it will certainly not be the last one, but hopefully it will make a diference. You have to stop ignoring this problem, forget about th15, forget about bh10 what we want is to have our accounts safe. Coc has proven to be a game that persists over the years due to its active playerbase, but what will happen if phishing bots are perfected and mass phishing starts to be a thing? Thousands of players have already quit bc of this problem and way more will do if nothing is done.
Thank you for your atention kind reader.
(Unknown, scorp, yeah im primarily talking about you both, your phishing days will soon be over)
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2022.01.28 15:34 ThrobbingDish this is a dad joke without being a dad

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2022.01.28 15:34 StevenBeercockArt 'Flightful,' 2019, Tall story #16. Emu, ostriches, penguins, dodos, and kiwis go on a carousel ride for flightless birds, in which they are able to experience the sensation of flying for the first time.

'Flightful,' 2019, Tall story #16. Emu, ostriches, penguins, dodos, and kiwis go on a carousel ride for flightless birds, in which they are able to experience the sensation of flying for the first time. submitted by StevenBeercockArt to UnusualArt [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 15:34 silvertomars Buy silver to protect your freedom…

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