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This is my dog Buddy, he’s a vegetarian

2022.01.28 17:24 Cilantropapi4 This is my dog Buddy, he’s a vegetarian

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2022.01.28 17:24 yummynothing ADU in house with HOA

In the market to buy a house. Was wondering, can HOA prevent converting garage to ADU?
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2022.01.28 17:24 1Buttercream [WTS] Armani Prive - Chanel Les Exclusifs - Dior La Collection Privee - Dolce & Gabbana Velvet - Frederic Malle - Gucci The Alchemist Garden - Guerlain L’Art & La Matiere - Prada Olfactories - Serge Lutens Gratte-Ciel - YSL Le Vestiaire Des Parfums (Decant)

Shipping: USA ONLY - $4
Payment: Paypal F&F, buyer pays fees for Paypal G&S.
Decants: 5ml or 10ml, see photo of bottles and respective levels measured with a syringe for reference. PTFE tape between bottle and nozzle thread, and parafilm around where nozzle and bottle meet. Decants are individually bubble wrapped before going inside zip bags and then inside bubble mailers.
Thanks for looking! Please chat/PM if interested or if you have any questions.

Armani (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 10ml
Gardenia Antigua 12 23
Orangerie Venise 12 23
Pivoine Suzhou 12 23
Rose d'Arabie 18.5 37
Rogue Malachite 20 39
Sable Nuit 18.5 37
Vert Malachite 20 39

Chanel (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 10ml
1932 12 23
31 rue Cambon 12 23
Beige 10 19.5
Bois des Iles 12 23
Coromandel 10 19.5
Cristalle EDT 9 17
Cristalle Eau Verte 10 19.5
La Pausa 12 23
Le Lion 12 23
No 19 EDT 9 17
No 19 EDP 10 19.5
No 19 Poudre 10 19.5
No 22 12 23
Sycomore 10 19.5

Dior (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 10ml
Ambre Nuit 13.5 26
Bois d'Argent 13.5 26
Cuir Cannage 10 19
Balade Sauvage 13.5 26
Belle De Jour 10 19
Dioramour 10 19
Eau Noire 10 19
Feve Delicieuse 10 19
Grand Bal 13.5 26
Gris Dior 13.5 26
Holy Peony 10 19
Jasmin Des Anges 10 19
La Colle Noire 13.5 26
Milly-la-Foret 10 19
Mitzah 10 19
New Look 1947 13.5 26
Oud Ispahan 13.5 26
Oud Rosewood 13.5 26
Patchouli Imperial 10 19
Purple Oud 10 19
Santal Noir 13.5 26
Vanilla Diorama 13.5 26
Vetiver 10 19

Dolce & Gabbana (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 10ml
Velvet Amber Sun 14 27.5
Velvet Desert Oud 14 27.5
Velvet Exotic Leather 14 27.5
Velvet Incenso 14 27.5
Velvet Mimosa Bloom 14 27.5
Velvet Tender Oud 14 27.5

Frederic Malle (link for a photo of bottles) 3ml 5ml 10ml
Carnal Flower 23 45
Lys Mediterranee 19.5 38
The Moon 20 32.5 65
The Night 38 63 125

Gucci (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 10ml
A Chant for the Nymph 21 41.5
A Song for the Rose 21 41.5
The Eyes of the Tiger 21 41.5
The Voice of the Snake 21 41.5

Guerlain (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 10ml
Angelique Noire 18 35
Bois d'Armenie 18 35
Cuir Beluga 18 35
Encens Mythique 11 21
Joyeuse Tubereuse 22 43.5
Neroli Outrenoir 22 43.5
Santal Royal 11 21
Shalimar Millésime Vanilla Planifolia 16.5 32.5

MFK (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 10ml
754 25 49
Amyris Homme 11 21
Aqua Universalis Forte 25 49
Grand Soir 12 23.5
Oud Extrait 19 37.5
Oud Satin Mood 14.5 28.5

Prada (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 10ml
Babylon 19.5 38
Dark Light 19.5 38
Day For Night 19.5 38
Desert Serenade 19.5 38
Marienbad 19.5 38
Miracle Of The Rose 19.5 38

Serge Lutens (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 10ml
Ambre Sultan 10 19.5
Borneo 1834 19 37.5
Cuir Mauresque 19 37.5
De Profundis 19 37.5
Fumerie Turque 19 37.5
Tubereuse Criminelle 19 37.5

YSL (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 10ml
37 rue de Bellechasse 13.5 26
6 saint Place Sulpice 13.5 26
Atlas Garden 15 30
Caban 13.5 26
Caftan 13.5 26
Capeline 13.5 26
Exquisite Embroidery 15 30
Magnificent Gold 15 30
Saharienne 13.5 26
Splendid Wood 15 30
Trench 13.5 26
Tuxedo 13.5 26
Velours 13.5 26
Vinyle 13.5 26
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2022.01.28 17:24 movin4call Is it the chicken or the egg? The QB or the WR?

Whenever I see a list of "top wide receivers in the NFL," it almost always includes WR's who have good QB's who can get them the ball. For example, an NFL analyst came out recently that said the top WR's he has seen this year is:
1) Davante Adams --> Aaron Rodgers
2) Cooper Kupp --> Matt Stafford
3) Justin Jefferson --> Kirk Cousins
4) Jamarr Chase --> Joe Burrow

Ok, you get the picture. All of the guys above have a QB who can really throw the ball. You can debate if they are all elite but all of them can spin the ball for sure.
It makes me wonder - how much of QB play is dependent on WR or vice versa? How much of WR play is dependent on QB? Who deserves more credit?
Food for thought - In 2009, Peyton Manning reached the Super Bowl with little-known receivers Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie and made both of them look like future stars at the time. I wonder how many talent WR's are out there that rarely get recognition because of QB play...
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2022.01.28 17:24 gorilla_usa The Suspense is Killing Me!!! 👍🚀🚀🚀🌛

3 year wait has always been my goal, but the recent news of what's to come has me Jacked! Can't wait anymore! GLTA! 👍🚀🚀🚀🌛
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2022.01.28 17:24 feedimo Medvedev overcomes meltdown to beat Tsitsipas and reach Australian Open final

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2022.01.28 17:24 crytoloover SHiftal Coin | Shiftal Coin Listed on CoinsBit ! Shiftal Coin Airdrop !

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2022.01.28 17:24 Irregular_Beaner XP pen artist 13.3 Pro confusing my game into thinking it’s a tablet

Hello, recently I’ve purchased a XP pen artist 13.3 pro and I’ve noticed after setting it up some games like roblox think im on a tablet, I’ve tried everything that I know of, like switching my monitor from tablet mode back and fourth and that has not worked, so does anyone know anything about this, something that I haven’t tried or done maybe? I use a windows pc btw.
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2022.01.28 17:24 MTredd Does Mirrorlink work in 2022?

Hi there, I bought an older car that has mirrorlink instead of android auto, and I can't find a way to connect it to my s9+ running android 10.
I tried installing mirrorlink 1.1 but the install fails every time. Third party apps seem super sketchy and also don't work. Any possible solutions?
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2022.01.28 17:24 infinitypilot Doom Eternal skins based on my Doom fanfic "Day of Wrath"; drawn by u/notramilopak

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2022.01.28 17:24 xxfallen420xx Looks like Dave Lauer’s “rumor” is true: Hedge Fund Melvin Lost $6.8 Billion in a Month. Founder Gabe Plotkin’s bets against GameStop and other stocks backfired; the rocky road back has been marred by fresh losses this year.

Looks like Dave Lauer’s “rumor” is true: Hedge Fund Melvin Lost $6.8 Billion in a Month. Founder Gabe Plotkin’s bets against GameStop and other stocks backfired; the rocky road back has been marred by fresh losses this year. submitted by xxfallen420xx to ApeStockExchange [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 17:24 No_Project9269 Brake upgrade 3 &4 still broken?

Wondering if I can upgrade them yet
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2022.01.28 17:24 ConstructionGood5406 Lauren the conservative meet Paula

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2022.01.28 17:24 nextdoorvixen Who would you cast as the main characters if you were tasked to make a movie?

Ryland Grace – Bryan Cranston
Eva Stratt – Helen Mirren
Rocky – Andy Serkis
Yáo Li-Jie – Daniel Dae Kim
Dimitri Komorov – Michael Nyqvist
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2022.01.28 17:24 rapidwindfall Who else do you hope to see as a guest this year?

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2022.01.28 17:24 HerrChef1 How many librarians does it take to change a light bulb?

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2022.01.28 17:24 DimitryGarces Industrial Trap

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2022.01.28 17:24 Noobphobia Rmt: A deep dive

Hey guys!
I'm currently starting a research project on RMT and I'd love some data from you guys.
I know there is negatives associated with rmt and how it ruins games. However that got me thinking; how many people actually rmt? Is it 5%? 30%? I would love if you guys would use this poll to give honest answers to that question.
Let me be clear, I'm not endorsing or not endorsing rmt. I'm nearly curious as to how many people have spent even $10 on gold, items, currency...w.e
Here is the link! https://strawpoll.com/j7xfx8drw
Thanks in advance! I'll be sharing this across multiple subforums, forums and chat rooms to try and get a decent sample size.
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2022.01.28 17:24 yesterdaylettuce420 The doll in the bloody dress

Just to start off, this is a true story and is the reason I belive in spirits/ghosts/parallel dimensions, whatever they are, i believe.
I was about 12 years old and lived with my family of 4 in North Carolina. My mother had always been very fascinated and involved with using tarot cards, speaking to ghosts, and seeing ghosts. I was young and that stuff was what I considered "mom stuff". She was pretty mentally unstable while I was growing up, so I really just assumed it was all a bunch of crap.
So, one day, my mom comes to me and says that she found this haunted porcelain doll on ebay. She showed me a picture and it was a pretty doll in a white dress with blood on it. My mother goes on to say she can communicate with this ghost and that she's a little girl that died in a car accident with the doll, that she was friendly, and wanted to come live with us. She shows me the rest of the ebay gallery and there is a picture of this "ghost". Its like a portrait of a little girl in a night gown, but all white and see through. She had dimensions but it was clearly a picture of what was supposed to be a ghost. Honestly, it looked easy to photoshop with a child's picture or something.
I'm like "okay whatever, ima go watch Hannah Montana". Later that week, she ends up loosing the bid for the doll and says that she told the ghost she could live with us, somehow without the doll.
At this time I think my mother has lost her mind and is getting a little too into her hobby. I really just didn't think much of it, because I didn't believe it.
A few months go by, some weird stuff had been happening.
For example, this happened twice. I was doing laundry and the dryer was one of those old metal ones with the metal door on the front that opens down, you know the ones. If you have ever had one, you probably know if you over fill it, the door can pop open, also if you slam the door open, it will bounce back and close itself.
Anyway, im doing laundry and moving clothes to the dryer like always and close it, turn it on, walk away. I get a few steps away and I hear the door pop open just a little. I assume its too full so I take some stuff out, this happens 2 more times, and im like "okay, what the hell, theres litterally a jeans and 2 shirts in here now."
So I put all the clothes back in and start it and stare at it. Nothing happens. Im like "okay maybe this things just a piece of crap" and start walking away. Then I hear "boom!" And look back. The dryer had opened itself so hard, that it bounced off the hinge and completely reclosed itself. Not just resting on the latch, closed.
I said outloud "I dont know what the f*** you want, but you need to knock it off"
I started the dryer and nothing else happened.
This happend again except it slammed open the first time and I told it to go away again.
I had been trying to fall asleep one night and heard someone hyperventilating 1 inch from my ear for like 3 seconds. I shitted and slept in the livingroom.
I heard people saying "hey" and "laura" which is my name occasionally.
Theres more but those are the ones that really scared me. At this time, I just was in denial about these thing, because I was always so nervous and uneasy about the idea of there being something around. I always just tried to ignore it.
So 6 months or so after my mom tells this "ghost" it can live with us, im walking my dog in the front yard like always. I look up, because this is before cell phones were popular, so I was just looking around. Mid day, sun is out, just got home from school kinda time. And there was that same little girl in my bedroom window. Exactly like the picture. White. See through. Staring straight ahead. I could see her clear as day 10 feet away, just standing between the window and the blinds.
I just remember panic. I started shaking and felt like I was going to pass out. I know it might not sound too scary, but I was shook. Everything I thought I knew just got flipped on me. I've never hallucinated before, that I know of, never been on any medications or admitted for metal disorders. I know that girl was real.
So that left me to wonder. Not only were "ghosts" a thing, but there was so much more to it than I knew with the chain of events. How could my mom have been lying? This was like 15 years ago and I remember that girls face. Is it other dimensions? Am I insane? I prefer the idea that there's a scientific explanation for everything, but man.
I ended up moving to my dads the next year and loosing contact with my mother. She was a terrible person to keep it short. So, ill never be able to ask how she did it, how that stuff worked, why that happened.
Now, I just know I'm scared of that stuff and I completely avoid it. If you tell me your house is haunted, I litterally might not come over, I cant hang.
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2022.01.28 17:24 saadmerie Windows 10 Services Administration and Troubleshooting

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2022.01.28 17:24 Shawn2501 Is fermented pepper hotter than non-fermented?

Currently learning how to do hot sauce and I’m wondering if fermented hot pepper are more spicy than non-fermented pepper. Like if you follow the same recipe, but one batch is fermented and the other is not. Which one is gonna make me cry the most cause that’s my goal 🤙🌶
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2022.01.28 17:24 JDummyPodtrash Another Dallas update

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2022.01.28 17:24 redmosquito1983 Help me decide which bandsaw!

Looking to upgrade my bandsaw to one capable of doing re-sawing. Im between the Rikon 10-326, the Jet 14SFX, and the Laguna 14BX.
I had a look at all 3 today; they all seemed stout and practically the same, especially the Jet and Rikon. I’m not sure I want to go up the extra couple hundred dollars for the Laguna, either 1.75hp or 2.5hp version, plus I would prefer bearing guides over ceramic. The Jet seemed to have a slight edge in finish quality over the Rikon but was a little more money.
Another factor is availability. The Jet they have in box, the Laguna will be the floor model, and the rikon was actually the 10-326DVR version so they’d have to order the regular version and weren’t sure when it would be in.
Thoughts on these three choices?
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2022.01.28 17:24 brosephd Carbin - Cold Case Remix EP

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2022.01.28 17:24 Yamidamian Humans probably had a wood age before the Stone Age, but wood tools don’t survive as well to become artifacts.

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