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Covid, a rant

2022.01.28 16:29 exhaustedmom_2320 Covid, a rant

Using a throwaway because I’m prepared for nasty comments, but I need to get this all out anyways.
I am a mom in the US. My oldest was born two months before the first covid case hit the US. I was in maternity leave/new mom bliss so I had no idea how dire everything looked until I was preparing to go back to work. My husband and I are mid thirties and we didn’t want to delay completing our family, so we got pregnant when our first was 8 months old. Shame on me, I guess, for daring to want to have a family.
Kids are in daycare, we WFH. We’ve traveled some over the past two years, but have taken what we felt are reasonable precautions. We are triple vaxxed, we wear masks in crowded places but we generally avoid indoor crowds when possible. I could probably count on two hands how many times I’ve stepped inside a grocery store.
All of this to say, I believe in science and have taken a “medium worried” approach to this whole thing.
Guys, what are we doing??
State rules require my kids wear masks at daycare and their teachers do as well. I could pass one of their teacher’s on the street or in the grocery store I don’t go to and I would have no idea because I’ve never seen their faces. My kids haven’t either. Let’s take that in for a second. My kids and I don’t really know what the people who take care of them all day five days a week look like. I have no idea what their friends look like. I don’t know what their parents look like. I’ve only ever stepped into the daycare once when we went on tour. And y’all, all of the masking—especially of the kids—makes NO sense. First of all, they all remove their masks to eat, and knowing my daughter, they sure as shit aren’t gobbling their food down in the less than fifteen minutes that qualifies as a close exposure. Aside from meals and snacks, their noses are all sticking out of their masks all the time! Because they are two!!!!!! So then why. Grown ass adults seem unable to wear masks, but we are still insisting my two year old.
And the thing is, the people who are wearing the masks are the ones who are already vaccinated. Realistically, how many people do you think are unvaccinated, but wear a kn95 wherever they go? The very small subset who are allergic to the vaccine? Who else? People have already made their decision about the vaccine and about masks and really at this point nothing is going to move the needle for a huge majority of people to get get the jab or to suddenly be more cautious about mask wearing. So how much longer are we all going to do this? Yes, people are immune compromised and I want nothing more than for everyone to be safe and not get this or any other disease. But realistically, that’s not going to happen. We aren’t going to beat covid. Instead we’re in this weird limbo and no one seems willing to start the really hard conversation of when do we stop.
Which is what is really grinding my gears. We are once again placing the cost of individual freedoms on our children. Schools are still being shut down. Daycares are being shut down. And don’t tell me that kids are resilient because I don’t know how as a whole that could possibly be true. Just like we make our kids go through active shooter drills because second amendment, we are completely fucking with their mental health so that people can go around and pretend they are smarter than every scientist in the world.
And the thing is, I don’t believe in vaccine mandates. I’m glad people have the right to choose not to be vaccinated (fuck automatic rifles though) I think they are all dumb ass idiots, but fine, it’s your right to be dumb. But why does your right to be dumb mean that I have to make my kid wear a mask for infinity?
Their daycare was shut own for ten days because of an exposure. My entire family caught covid. I had a sore throat for a day. My oldest needed one dose of Tylenol. My youngest had a runny nose, but she’s had worse. This isn’t a disease that adversely affects their age group. So then why is the burden seemingly falling on them??
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2022.01.28 16:29 wilberfan ‘Licorice Pizza’ and all the jewels of Paul Thomas Anderson’s cinema

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2022.01.28 16:29 RelaxNatureSounds Get Free Bitcoin - Earn Bitcoins and Ethereum Free No Investment

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2022.01.28 16:29 SleepNowMyThrowaway How dumb are most people? They pay to be lied to and propagandized

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2022.01.28 16:29 reality_mirage Rapid Reaction Strategem and Locked in Combat

Example: You have an Adeptus Custodes unit locked in combat with two enemy units. One unit falls back, thereby triggering the condition for the Rapid Reaction strategem:
Use this Stratagem in your opponent’s Movement phase, when an enemy unit that was within Engagement Range of an ADEPTUS CUSTODES INFANTRY unit from your army when it was selected to move finishes a Fall Back move. That ADEPTUS CUSTODES INFANTRY unit can shoot as if it were your Shooting phase, but it can only target that enemy unit.
Because there is another unit that is still in Engagement Range, and thus you are considered locked in combat, does this prevent the Rapid Reaction free shot?
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2022.01.28 16:29 _such What do y'all think would be easier to get top 4 this season or next?

What is the most realistic way for January transfer window to end IF we are trying to finish top 4 this season.
Personally, i think if we dont get it this season it will be less likely next season as other teams will also strengthen their squad if we are looking at Aston Villa and Newcastle for example.
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2022.01.28 16:29 D-Gdrip22 Diffrent cuts

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2022.01.28 16:29 bheidreborn Best Ship?

What is the best type of ship to use?
I've been using the Golden Vector since the original run of the expedition. But I feel as though I could do better.
I have 2 Guppy exotics but their inventory size makes them less desirable to use.
Should I just go big hauler?
Or does it really matter at the end of the day?
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2022.01.28 16:29 Bikevelo How we really feel about sharing the road

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2022.01.28 16:29 hrishi1737 She has strict parents. I can't see her more than once a month. It's hard...

So... I've been talking to this girl in my college for like 2 months and we started dating last month, because we really hit it off talking for hours on end ngl, somedays we stayed up all night talking for like 6,7 hours and went to class soon after that.
Though we go to the same classes, she has a completely different friends circle and I have like 2 friends out 150 students :)
So, We don't/can't talk in college often and We only text to communicate because her parents are so strict that hour long calls are forbidden and she can't go out with guys. She rarely sneaks out of home but is always afraid of someone from her family/family friend might see her and ruin this. She doesn't wanna get caught and have a lot of trouble at home and i can understand that too...
I miss seeing her, and it's hard because she tells me she misses me too, but there seems to be no way around this as we both have a couple of years left to finish College after which she is hoping to disclose about me to her parents. She wants to be in it for the long term, and I'm fine with it.
I can't stop thinking about her and she revealed she can't too.. I think I'd feel better if I see her she, go on dates with her, at least once a week. I need some reddit wisdom guys hit me with it :')
TL;DR: I wanna see her, she's afraid of getting caught by her parents/relatives
Is there any way around this? Or any other way to cope?
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2022.01.28 16:29 Evening_Car_6150 B4B? I boost back immediately!

Just lmk when you've boosted me & I'll boost you back RIGHT AWAY.
Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/vPhOPdH2bnb
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2022.01.28 16:29 FitGovernment9319 Today I deleted my Crypto apps and I feel freaky awesome

Yes, I deleted my chart apps. Even my exchange apps. I realised its not helping me in any way. I dca every month in some specific main coins. Im a long term holder and don't worry about selling.
Actually I shouldn't be bored about short term price fluctuations, but since I have all these apps in my phone it's become like an addiction. In a day I cam open these apps more than I can count. I've set a recurring buy on the exchange I use and liked the address to my hardware wallet so I have no business checking the apps everyday. I've stopped tracking my portfolio cos it's of no use.
Now, I feel like a heavy load has been lifted of my shoulder. I'm at peace and even more confident about my holdings. In times like this, this is so far the best therapy you can have. Cheers!
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2022.01.28 16:29 Comfortable_Cream_68 Bichkule defending P from Neha 😌 (something to lighten up your mood after this shittiest season)

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2022.01.28 16:29 Practical_Annual_424 If you are holding the HOFV bag are you buying more on this “dip” ?

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2022.01.28 16:29 Additional_Seat4601 Celulares reacondicionados amazon, valen la pena?

Por ahi alguno tiene alguna idea jajajja
Quiero comprar un celular afuera y no se si vale la pena comprar uno reacondicionado de amazon
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2022.01.28 16:29 Krzyniu How to create custom command switching roles?

Hi, I want to create a command ?command @ user that will take away all their roles and replace it with another, and a subcommand to this (?uncommand) that reverses this process. I'm pretty sure it's possible but I can't find how to program those custom bois
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2022.01.28 16:29 atrocious_almonds Jess is my pandemic mood

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2022.01.28 16:29 EnigEmma Henna and MCAS

So I've been dying my hair with henna for awhile. The last few times I did henna I got a terrible migraine. My scalp is very sensitive so it may have been from that. I recently cut my into a pixie. I haven't done the henna since. I assume if the migraine was from pressure, that would be less of an issue now.
I'm wondering if henna is high in salicylate? I am sensitive to salicylates. Does anyone know? Should I just try the henna one last time while my hair is short to see if I get a migraine or not?
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2022.01.28 16:29 p-stkr Trying to take my basing more seriously and ended up creating the most tactical of tactical rocks.

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2022.01.28 16:29 buddyboard Best time theft strategies to avoid getting caught?

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2022.01.28 16:29 Yellow_Delta2 Rumo is just the cutest little thing

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2022.01.28 16:29 Merrader unable to find any info on the print or the artist (Adkins)

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2022.01.28 16:29 madz7137 Disappointed in the background on the ex-Hasidic boy

Super obvious no one did enough homework when researching Hasidism, even when talking about his father inS4E8 the guy claims he calls him Abba- that’s Hebrew. He would in reality call him Tatty or Tata (Yiddish). Source is that I grew up in the way they claim this character grew up. It makes me so mad when tv producers try to portray specifically religious or ex religious Jewish characters and half of the things they come up with just don’t even come close to reality. It’s not so hard to do a little research. Also way to dramatize the dude’s god complex and make his entire personality his ex religiousness. No creativity involved there.
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2022.01.28 16:29 New2ThisThrowaway Sticking to the plan: From $1.0M to $1.7 in 2 years

From 2019 to 2021, my net worth went from ~$1.0M to ~$1.7, as of the close of 2021. This is from investing in index funds and benefiting from the bull market. I own very few individual stocks and only ~$4k in Crypto. This is updated from a [post I made in the beginning of 2020.](https://www.reddit.com/financialindependence/comments/il8ux4/my_path_to_11m_at_age_39/)

[Here is the updated chart.]( https://i.imgur.com/lWkZyHX.png)
Changes to visualization:

If you are curious how I made the Net Worth chart, it is a combination of a line and stacked area graph in excel. Plotted on two axis. [This figure should explain how it’s set up.]( https://i.imgur.com/JGoJ3D4.png)
End of 2021 Balances:
My portfolio (excluding property) right now is 81/11/7/2 (US_Equities/International/Bonds/Cash), but I am due for rebalancing because my target is 70/20/8/2.
I had been pretty frugal for the 15 years after graduating college. I bought a cheap ($60k) house in a crappy neighborhood and lived with a roommate. For the price, this home could not be beat. It’s an older 1800sqft home with a large newer addition on the back, and after renovating a couple of rooms, it was the perfect space for living and occasionally entertaining. Also, the crappy neighborhood really wasn’t that bad. We were right next to the police station, which kept away the riffraff. And only a couple blocks from a nicer area with walkable streets and mixed use trails. I went out for a run several times a week and have only been chased by a pitbull once. After aggressively paying off the mortgage in 2013, the rent I collected basically paid the taxes, utilities and upkeep for the property, making my housing expenses essentially zero.
I kept other expenses low, buying inexpensive used cars and cooking my meals at home. Though I still spent money on hobbies and enjoyed life. I would go on a trip almost every year alternating between domestic and international travel. The best was when 3 friends and I bought an old van and spent 4 weeks driving across the US. Doing a lot of camping made it cheap and memorable. I ended up selling the van for more than I bought it for since I put some work into it. I was single for all of these years. This was not an economic choice; it’s just where I was in life.
More recently, I came to the realization (thanks to this sub) that I had achieved financial independence, and I am happy to begin spending more on things I value.
I purchased a new (to me) 2019 model car. I also said goodbye to the bacheloroommate life and purchased a new home with my SO. This required withdrawing ~$60k from my brokerage account for down payment. Most of this was bonds, and the rest were individual stocks without much in capital gains. I did not show this as spending because it didn’t come from my income. This is still a modest $200k home, but it has everything we need.
Moving forward, I don’t see spending getting too much higher. I plan on taking more vacations and possible start working part time to allow time for that. Only other big expense in the 5-year plan is a wedding, but neither of us want anything big. 10+ year plan way include moving to a warmer, higher cost of living area. But we have time to plan and save for that.

TLDR: Classic tale of making a good wage, keeping expenses low and saving consistently.
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2022.01.28 16:29 Even-Cow-3264 I want to manage my jealousy an anger

My (14m) girlfriend (15f) said to me on Wednesday she’d decided that since we’ve been arguing and having lots of relationship problems she wants to go on a break ( not a break up) but she says we should act like friends and I’m getting angry and upset about it. Like all of the small things like her calling me cute nicknames and cuddling and giving her kisses. It makes me so miserable. We have been on a break since Wednesday as she asked and I feel so miserable. I am anxious she is just stringing out a break up and even though we haven’t broken up. I keep grieving the loss of the relationship, that has lasted for 1 year and 2 months straight, and is still going as of right now. Any advice?
TL:DR I want to not be jealous and angry while me(14m) and my gf (15f) are on a sort of break (acting as friends)
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