9z83y ti7kb ba9ey i5428 82e26 f6456 75r6s an573 6946e ie8b5 6ar92 hfta9 k8555 h5eb3 673z3 68649 2z9dz 2n6er 6tkzi d6dh7 6d5t4 Who wanna buy my digital artistic painting: Stay Strong. Made to remind and support all the people fighting against cancer everyday (5eth). HMU 🤙🏾 |

Who wanna buy my digital artistic painting: Stay Strong. Made to remind and support all the people fighting against cancer everyday (5eth). HMU 🤙🏾

2022.01.28 16:12 the_doctor94 Who wanna buy my digital artistic painting: Stay Strong. Made to remind and support all the people fighting against cancer everyday (5eth). HMU 🤙🏾

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2022.01.28 16:12 manlikecuz4 DM ME If you would like to trade girls irl

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2022.01.28 16:12 ImTheAverageJoe You ever take an apprentice 20 years your senior?

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2022.01.28 16:12 intrepid_zaxan Is there any way to make cleave feel good?

Ive been testing cleave out in pob and in game, and i just cant make this skill feel good. No amount of AOE seems to give enough and strike range doesnt work with it. There is only 1 cleave build on poe.ninja and its not exactly great either. Anyone build cleave with success?
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2022.01.28 16:12 jogreg99 Those of who've never had a relationship, why?

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2022.01.28 16:12 Stanzin_02 Fan Hub for Corsair iCUE 465X RGB

I'm thinking to buy this case. Does it come with the lighting and rgb node or I'll have to buy a fan hub seperately. Like the fans which comes with this case has two wires Idk much about this kinda stuff Please help me out
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2022.01.28 16:12 EveryHovercraft9351 Hit him up on ig zyzcantbme. Check out everything he's got to offer

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2022.01.28 16:12 alexmiealt Marre anka

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2022.01.28 16:12 h2ojo Question About URAP Decisions

Hi everyone! This is my first semester applying to URAP and I was wondering how long I should wait to hear back before giving up hope (specifically for projects in the social sciences) :,)
I applied to 2 projects (both in sociology—one for Jerome Karabel and the other for Cybelle Fox) and have not received any news yet. It also seems like neither of them use the message board :-/
Thank you so much!
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2022.01.28 16:12 GodIsADj1111 You've always been a part of life.

there is no point where you have been no life, no life doesn't exist, you are life and also a part of it!
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2022.01.28 16:12 Devinator26 You are supposed to have to wait 10 minutes with the High verification setting, but a user is reporting that they have to wait several hours. Does anyone know how to fix that, or do they just have to wait it out?

You are supposed to have to wait 10 minutes with the High verification setting, but a user is reporting that they have to wait several hours. Does anyone know how to fix that, or do they just have to wait it out? submitted by Devinator26 to discordapp [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 16:12 Chismoney001 CLAMMIES NFT

Website: http://Clammies.com
Coming from the east end of Long Island, NY these clams have a fresh outlook on life. Straight-out of the sea, their motto is "Be as happy as a clam!" and "Live a shell full life!" Collect them or trade them. They will be happy either way.
Welcome to a cultural journey through this collection into the crypto world of NFTs in the metaverse Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, Anyone can participate in global project. Take yours, before someone take you out from this opportunity,
Check out our newest releases here on Website: http://Clammies.com WE OFFER YOU THE BEST NFT, KINDLY FOLLOW OUR SOCIAL PAGE
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2022.01.28 16:12 codyfernfan Does CornellHealth provide any dermatology services?

I’ve wanted to go on Accutane for almost 6 years now and I figure I might as well go to CH since I’m living in Ithaca. Do they offer this medication or any dermatology at all?
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2022.01.28 16:12 Alarming_Promise_448 What are everyone's thoughts are the recent leak that Ukraine is going to detonate Chernobyl when the Russians invade?

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2022.01.28 16:12 ConnorFroMan Found a game similar to what I am developing

Hello, I have been designing a game for a while now and was randomly looking some things up and found a game that has a very similar theme and game design. It is very low on board game geeks so I must have missed it originally when looking around. I have lost some motivation since finding this because of this. Has anyone had this happen to them and, if so, how did they overcome it? I feel dissuaded from continuing because it seems someone has already tried and maybe I’m not innovating as much as I thought.
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2022.01.28 16:12 OutForAWalkBetch Are bars and clubs open in Kore right now?

A bar I visited a couple years ago hasn’t posted on their Instagram since January 2021.
Have they been closed the whole pandemic?
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2022.01.28 16:12 SeaworthinessFar7240 Поиск компромиссов или борьба с ветрянными мельницами.

Всем привет! Вот и я готов поделиться своей историей своим опытом и ошибками, которые возможно кому-то помогут не совершить их. Мое знакомство с алкоголем произошло в возрасте 17-18 лет, т.е. 21 год назад. Я не скажу, что мне понравилось, скорей были очень смешанные чувства и ощущения: эйфория, восторг, веселье, волнение, страх, не понимание и огромное чувство причастности к какому-то взрослому атрибуту и шагу к взрослой жизни. Шли годы алкоголь стал постоянным спутником студенческих вечеринок, дискотек, посиделок у костра и честно сказать это было классное время, я очень сдружился с "синькой", но как и многие не видел в этом проблемы...пили все. Были вещи и пострашней наркота и пр., поэтому алкоголь во обще казался детской забавой.))) Как же сильно я заблуждался. Шло время, мне около 25 лет,переезд в крупный город, самостоятельная жизнь, запах свободы и...конечно мой друг " бухач" со мной. У нас на работе молодой коллектив примерно одного возраста, поэтому все вытекающие: ночные клубы, посиделки до утра в парках, пьянки с песнями на кухнях. Тревожные звонки появились уже тогда: появилась привычка похмеляться, пьянки могли продолжаться уже по несколько дней, первые прогулы на работе, но " со мной всё в порядке, так у всех", во общем целый рюкзак оправданий...Лет через 5 первые попытки медикаментозного "кодирования", сейчас понимаю что идея была обречена на провал, я не хотел бросать пить, сделал это больше для свой девушки и для успокоения коллег по работе. Как итог через 2 мес. развязался и запил на неделю...Осознание серьезности проблемы пришло не так давно, около 3х лет назад. Когда я честно смог себе сказать что я-алкоголик! Это было не просто, "рюкзак" оправданий никуда не делся, а наоборот пополнился за это время. Я начал думать как же мне решать эту проблему. Способов и компромисов было бесчисленное множество: от умеренного употребления, которое естественно в 50% случаев ни чем не ограничивалось. До "сухих" временных промежутков от 2х недель до 2х месяцев, когда просто сжав зубы терпишь когда же закончится, установленный самим собой срок и естественно напиваешься просто огромным колличеством и несколько дней. Последние 2 запоя по 5 дней были именно такие: помнишь только первый вечер, который начинался в хорошей компаниии...воспоминания следующих дней во обще можно уложить в 10 минут...Бутылка водки с утра...кое как уснул, бутылка водки вечером...-тревожный сон алкоголика, со всеми вытекающими. Страшное похмелье на 6 ой день, когда пить уже не можешь, сутки в бреду, дипрессии и черт знает чего, мысль только одна как бы не сдохнуть... Вот после таких запоев, когда мозги наконец-то стали вставать на свои места...стало реально страшно за себя, свою семью, детей...Пришло полное понимание того, что компромиссов с этим бывшим "другом"- бухлом быть не может, он очень коварный и ревнивый, он ни готов делить тебя не с работой, не с семьёй не с кем, он не успокоится пока не заберет тебя всего целиком....Это мой путь к вам, уверен, что справлюсь. По крайней мере то, что читаю здесь реально придаёт сил и уверенности.
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2022.01.28 16:12 kveldsmat01 If I don't have the best internet, is there a streaming program that increases my ping less that others?

Obviously how streaming affects your ping is dependent on quality and bitrate of the stream, but does the program you chose affect this in any way? I know OBS is the most used, but I find the UI a bit confusing
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2022.01.28 16:12 white_cream27 6banc - A digital financial ecosystem built around customer needs. Sign Up for the Pre-Launch Now https://www.6banc.com/

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2022.01.28 16:12 GoodbadVibes999 Trying to understand the Microsoft Purchase freakout?

I can understand why Playstation themselves and their users alike are quite terrified about Microsoft holding down all of the A/B (ACTIVISION/BLIZZARD) to exclusives, but for some reason I doubt Microsoft is dumb enough to miss out on that much profit as 64% of PS users play Warzone/MW19 alone. And in a time like this, and for quite some time following, I doubt several MILLIONS have the money to buy the newest demanding games from Microsoft/COD and a over demanded gaming console like the SX/SS (or hopefully a slimmer version with some more hopefully Nvidia, or even AMDs 🙄, own PC type quality to it)
On top of that, everyone is freaking out by Microsofts leading discussion and decisions to make CODs creation time a 2 year grace period rather than the timely 1 year we're used too. As much as this is sad, it's not the end of the world, as there's more positives than negatives in the matter. The CEO of Microsoft doesn't seem to worried about appealing to the masses when it comes to the way Activision makes it's games now as it seems he prefer quality of money (at least for right now that is)
Such as:
• Higher quality • Fewer starting bugs • Better Beta releases and/or finally bringing back DEMOs (so people can test if their device can even handle the game or certain settings since they'll be new and surely too demanding for even the PS4 Pro or Xbox OX. Also to see if they'll be interested in the game since it's now taken 2 years instead of 1, people will want to see if it's stood up to standards) • Better finished games • More to the games, more DLCs will be planned. • Better Zombies and Multiplayer experiences (cause we can all agree that's gone down high since black ops 3, infinite warfare, and so on. At least black ops 3 and so on still had map voting, and I'm hoping that comes back as well!) • No more copy and pasting previous made games and re-texturing everything to keep up with yearly demands, which means no more crossover bugs from old games! Kinda like MW19/Vanguard situation) • bigger budgets • and probably more I'm missing.
Not to mention, if they were dumb enough, karma would surely bite them for being greedy monopoly. As sales would fail and demands for Xbox consoles would skyrocket in such a bad recession era and it would upset too many people and ultimately be the death of COD. Even if they did it 5 years from now, maybe even 10. I'm pretty sure they can sue for monopolizing such a franchise like that. Making it its own stable company yet again as I'm sure someone else would happily step up to that plate.
Idk, I just want to hear more about the good that is gonna come from this. Maybe it's cause I'm a current PC player or old Xbox veteran, but I see good things for playstation too.
I'm still mad at Sony for holding Spiderman as an exclusive since anyone could play spiderman on a Gameboy advanced or even up till the DSi I'm pretty sure. Then playstation convince the rest of Sony to make it exclusive -.- such a shame (much like well over half of playstations games are exclusives anyway) Maybe you could work a deal out with Sony to work with spiderman and Microsoft can work with them on COD and other A/B related titles.
Am I the only one?
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2022.01.28 16:12 Godo115 Dealing with my girlfriend going a whole weekend with someone that we both know likes her, how to handle this?

Hello, me and my girlfriend have kinda come into a sticky situation. There's thus guy who she talks to, and on occasion hangs out with who likes her. She's communicated that and has been open and clear with me everytime he's 'made a move' or flirts with her. She insists that she repeatedly shuts him down, but still interacts with him because he truly is a good friend. I understand this, obviously I'm jealous that someone who wants her gets to see her and hang with her in ways I can't, but I get it, and try not to let the jealousy sprout any unnecessary I'll feelings toward people.
Today she told me that he invited her to stay with him for a weekend to go out to some town with his family. The thought of this kills me. I'm OK with them hanging out for even MOST the day, I know that in the end she'll be talking to me anyways. But knowing that for 48+ hours he's gonna have her attention, that hurts. Bad.
She understands that I'm hurting, but also wants to go. She's a sheltered person and rarely gets out of her state much. She's communicated that she's anxious about it, but wants to push that boundary so she can grow, and have someone there she's comfortable with. And I fully understand this.
We came to the conclusion that we're both OK with her going. We understand that I'm going to hurt, but it's something I have to get past myself and it's something she wants to do for herself. But man, this sucks. My brain is whining for her not to go, but she isn't a dog, I can't just say "no" when she does something I don't like.
Bottom line is, she's going. We both know exactly how both of us are feeling and we will continue to communicate as such. It's just very very painful, being this jealous, and bitter, and upset. OCD definitely isn't helping my situation, but hey, what can you do.
Any advice on how to manage these feelings would be more than appreciated.
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2022.01.28 16:12 Arjunmaggo1956 😂😂

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2022.01.28 16:12 why_cambrio What does an "upside down optic nerve" mean?

I went to the eye doctor recently. My doctor said (word for word, I swear), "Wow, your optic nerve is upside down." I asked if that was an issue, and she said "No, not at all. You could go to a specialist, as I'd think they'd find it interesting, but it's not a concern." Since then, I've googled "upside down optic nerve" and really didn't find anything relevant. She really seemed to think it was no big deal, so I'm not worried at all, but the "specialist may find it interesting" line did give me pause!
My sister has aniridia and my family has a history of glaucoma, but my eye health and sight are both fine. Any idea what "upside down optic nerve" would refer to?
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2022.01.28 16:12 UsernameO123456789 [WTB] BFG Boo Boo Pouch (NY)

Going on a long shot here but in case sones got one they wanna get rid of.
$30ish for NIB/LNIB and titrate down based on salt.
Any color works but highly prefer green, grey, or black
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2022.01.28 16:12 patriotmeese Do you support mandates?

Unvaccinated are a strain on the health care system right? Even vaccinated are a strain, and likely fall into certain demographics( old, obese, smokers, alchys, etc) The solution is to charge them for they’re treatment; similar to privatized healthcare.
That said;
If a couple cannot afford a child &fall pregnant, with the long term(18 years)result being taxpayers footing the bill; Should we mandate abortions to save the tax payers money as well?
Poor planning resulting in not being healthy enough to not get sick isn’t taxpayers fault.
Poor planning resulting in a pregnancy a couple cannot afford and will be subsidized by working class also Isn’t the taxpayers fault.
Vaccines- free Taking care of your body- free Not drinking- free Not smoking- free Condoms- free Abortions- free
So why don’t we mandate abortions to low income family’s that will be a burden on tax payers? It’s a preventative measure anyone has access to.
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