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Evan McPherson with The Leg Strategy card

2022.01.28 16:07 cush2push Evan McPherson with The Leg Strategy card

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2022.01.28 16:07 Little_Pineapple_404 did anyone get their housing refund yet?

trying to pay february w january housing
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2022.01.28 16:07 Roland465 Veeam Backup Appliance

Hi All,
I realize I could build my own backup appliance but I wondered if anyone has a service they like.
Canadian based would be a bonus!
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2022.01.28 16:07 SmokeSinseLoud A nice zesty Haze of a earthy, spicy cheese? What would you pick lass/lad?

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2022.01.28 16:07 SmirkingSkull Judge reverses decision: Teen convicted of Loudoun Co. high school sexual assaults will not go on sex offender registry

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2022.01.28 16:06 Elegant-Reflection-3 Offer ends 31 Jan - $200 of SocialGood token (can be traded on Bittrex, Bitmart and Uniswap) when you spend $30 on Ebay etc

You don’t need any ID to do this offer.
I haven't seen any crypto offer before that gives $200 worth of crypto so I was sceptical of this offer however the offer has been ongoing since December and someone who posted this offer previously has already cashed out.
The SocialGood app gives you cashback when you shop online (so it works similar to how cashback sites like Topcashback/Quidco work). You get 100% cashback for Alipay purchases and 50% cashback for Ebay and booking.com purchases. You can read about the SocialGood Foundation's vision here.
Sign up offer
SocialGood have a promo on until 31 January that gives you $200 of SG (SocialGood’s token) when you purchase at least $30 worth of goods using SocialGood's app Promo
The SG token has been trading since 2020. You can see the current price of SG on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. The SG token can be traded/cashed out on Bittrex, BitMart, and Uniswap. Ive used Bittrex for a number of transactions without any issues.
How to confirm your sign up bonus is pending
When you sign up tap Profile/Shopping History to confirm your bonus is pending before you make any purchases. Here is a screenshot showing my 255.85 SG sign up bonus pending along with the further SG I earned from my Ebay purchases. The 160 SG shown in my history was a separate ‘special offer’ that appeared in my app offering a further $100 worth of SG if I spent $30 within a few days; so I’d say it’s possible you could receive a similar offer.

  1. Tap my referral link to sign up - from the webpage download the app and enter your email and password - you should see my code GGN£XO has autofilled after you sign up.
  2. Ensure that ad-blockers or cookie blockers are disabled on your device. These can prevent the stores from recognizing your purchase and may make you ineligible for SocialGood. Its best to read Social Good’s tips before you buy.
  3. Within 30 days of signing up purchase $30 of goods from any store (you can buy multiple items to reach the $30 figure - note that shipping costs etc don’t count towards the $30). Just tap the store within SocialGood and sign in to the store as normal. Your purchase will show in Profile/ Shopping History after a few hours (although it could take a few days).
  4. Your $200 bonus will be approved when your purchase is approved. It may take take 30 days or more to approve (I think the 30 minimum is so you dont return the items you bought after receiving the bonus - which is similar to how cashback sites work). I read on a previous post in the sub that the OP had their Alipay purchase approved in approx 6 weeks while the Ebay purchases took approx one month to approve.
  5. Once approved you can withdraw your SG without charge to either Bittrex, BitMart, and Uniswap and trade your SG to your currency or coin or choice. This Social Good webpage gives helpful steps on how to withdraw your SG.
Because crypto prices are volatile and the price of SG could fall I recommend that you buy $30 worth of goods that you can use. You have 30 days to reach your $30 of required spend so you don’t need to rush into buying something you might not use. I just bought three different household items to reach the $30 mark.
If you have any questions just let me know.
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2022.01.28 16:06 Xortun Stevens dad?

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2022.01.28 16:06 iccaecumsa 🐶MrHusky 🐶First News doge | IOS and Android App | Early Low Cap just launched, the Next x1000 GEM | Huge Marketing | SaFu | LP locked

MrHusky is a progressive token that pays out give aways just for holding it within your wallet! Our team has spent extensive time developing MrHusky and MrHusky News to be more than just a meme token.
Introducing $MRH token, an actual utility case. MrHusky collects all the information from the crypto scene in a way never seen before and visualizes it on his own platform.
MrHusky represents the tenacity and endurance of a true crypto enthusiast, embracing the philosophy of HODL.
Warning: Not for the faint of heart! MrHusky will use its powers to burn through tokens at an alarming rate, rewarding those who have the strength to stay the course.
MrHusky is founded on a strong and fast growing community, sophisticated source code, burning and redistribution strategy, an experienced marketing team, and philanthropy.
✔️ Marketing plans: 👀
1 NonStop Reddit Threads of our project
2 Dedicated marketing team working on getting the project to the moon
3 Special Marketing to promote the News Platform
4 Regular AMA Sessions
✔️ Tokenomics:
Total supply of 10 Billion tokens
0 % buy tax, 10 % sell tax
• 5% back to LP
• 5% Marketing wallet
• Symbol MRH
✔️ Links:
💥 Contract : 0xd082bf5534f6790df4967941605f8b17ef8fe10e
🌐 Buy here : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xd082bf5534f6790df4967941605f8b17ef8fe10e
🔒 Liquidity Locked : https://www.pinksale.finance/#/pinklock/record/17348?chain=BSC
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2022.01.28 16:06 NamekianWeed Why do I have Android 21's outfit?

I never participated in the raid you get it from nor anything like that. I'm not mistaking it for the labcoat either. I have sunk like 500 hours in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Is that why?
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2022.01.28 16:06 HistoricalCricket I'm a little confused here, can someone explain how I could find these values?

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2022.01.28 16:06 CarBusinessman Is World's End Club good or comparable to zero escape?

I was thinking of picking it up but it's 58 CAD and half the reviews on Amazon CA say it's garbage.
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2022.01.28 16:06 jackslaven Video's van Rommee

https://www.reddit.tube/search/romee Scroll naar beneden
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2022.01.28 16:06 GSGlitter Friendly reminder of r/InstacartShoppers rules

Hello fellow shoppers, This is a friendly reminder to please review our sub rules before posting. Pertaining, but not limited to:
• no screenshots of potential batches (we get it, they’re all shite right now) • no screenshots of “no batches available” screen (we also get it, there are plenty of posts about how slow it is) • no doxxing (please remove customers address, last time, email, etc if applicable - before making your post) • no promo code posts (THIS INCLUDES RECEIPT SCANNING APPS)
Thanks, happy shopping (if you even have batches avail, unlike me 🙄) & please don’t be a dick.
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2022.01.28 16:06 SonictheManhog Winter storm to bring blizzard conditions to US East Coast

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2022.01.28 16:06 Specific-Bike928 2015 is300h won’t start hybrid fault please shift to P.

Keep getting this fault every so often I know it’s the 12v battery not having enough juice to start the car have brought it back to lexus 3 times now and they keep charging the battery and saying it’s not failing.
Clearly my 12v battery is toast and needs replacing? Or is there something I’m missing??🤔
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2022.01.28 16:06 awakeandagitated Sharp pain in upper left side of abdomen

Starting 6 days ago I suddenly became aware of a dull, yet sharp pain in the left side of my torso (not instant pain, slowly became more aware of it other the course of an hour or 2); kind of just under my rib cage (too high and too far to the left to be stomach pain).
It’s not searing pain— just a sharp, constant source of discomfort that borders on pain. But also enough that I wake up in the night if I’m in an uncomfortable position (hence why I’m writing this at 6am). Sitting or standing in most positions is uncomfortable, however laying on my left side and kind of stretching my torso does provide some relative relief. It feels almost like something is inflamed, and laying in that position takes a little pressure off.
I’ve been taking paracetamol and ibuprofen for 5 days expecting it to go away. I’ve been drinking plenty of water and been taking it easy but its still there. Not necessarily getting worse but not getting any better
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2022.01.28 16:06 jobcloud What do you think will recover faster?

Algorand price or Yieldly price? I lost 50% on Yieldly. Now thinking which one will 100% faster.
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2022.01.28 16:06 MephistoXD Budget laptops

Hi, I want to get my little cousin a laptop, she only has an Xbox and wants to play on pc but it’s too expensive, so I wanna get her a laptop, the budget is around 650 usd. Any help will be appreciated.
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2022.01.28 16:06 coldalliance90 Was listening to "We Are All Going to Die" again and thought of this.

I'm sure I'm not the only person to think of this, but in this episode Bob is giving his "happy" take on humanity's untimely end. Mark then tells him "change", which they use to do during improv scenes to change the story or scenario.
The idea I thought of was what if the first (or last) episode of every month had the judge create a set of prompts that each co-host had to participate in, to try to make the judge laugh. Either one at a time or at the same time, whomever wins the title of most funny based off of each prompt would win and be the judge the following week?
I know it's not visual like their videos are, but their story telling and comedic timing could be put to the test.
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2022.01.28 16:06 t416712 Rant

I have been a long time listener of the Pivot ever since I saw Scott on Bill Maher and I was like hmmm that guys seems interesting. But Kara has turned into his 16 yr old Jealous older sister yes Scott has out grown her but with her constant insecure jabs about who he hangs out with and that he has a show now on CNN. Sheesh
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2022.01.28 16:06 Generally_Merce Motion Picture Soundtrack is such a great song

I’ve been listening to it on repeat for a couple of days and it makes me feel an emotion I cannot even explain. It’s like I’m looking through the window of a funeral watching the hearts breaking with each step taken during service. It’s like getting your foot stuck in the track and just laying down. It’s like waking up to no one loving you.
Beautifully depressing song.
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2022.01.28 16:06 lncrr [For hire] I open commission! More info in comments!

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2022.01.28 16:06 k_e_francis AUTHORTUBE AFTER DARK | January 28, 2022 | Authortube | Booktube | Horrortube

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2022.01.28 16:06 fergi20020 CIS Duck Eggs and Crispy Hash Browns

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2022.01.28 16:06 Schnoggerle Nett hier, in Schleswig-Holstein

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