Looks like Anette has a new project! Any thoughts?

2022.01.28 17:07 crescentmoon9323 Looks like Anette has a new project! Any thoughts?

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Haben wir da eine?
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2022.01.28 17:07 i_MiLK Arizona vs UCLA: Why the Bruins Beatdown the Wildcats

This was probably one of the more difficult game breakdowns I have made so far. UCLA isn't the most.........intriguing team tactically speaking, and there were a few other games that I thought were really interesting and worth a cover too: Missouri State beating Valley favs Loyola-Chicago, North Carolina getting molly-whopped by a Wake Forest team with tournament aspirations, Michigan State's interesting week of defeating top 10 Wisconsin before losing to a shorthanded Illinois squad, Missouri almost taking down #1, and Alabama losing to freaking Georgia but NO I'M NOT DOING ANYMORE ALABAMA UPSET POSTS GET ME OFF THIS CRIMSON TIDE RIDE PLEASE!
Above all else though, I just really wanted to do a game played on the West Coast. Apparently, I have just been allergic to covering games west of the Rockies or something this season. BUT THAT IS ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE. There was no way I would miss out on this top 10 matchup at 11...............PM.....................Eastern. Well, I guess I'll just sleep when I'm dead. In this breakdown, I'm going to go over how UCLA succeeded on offense attacking the strength of Arizona's defense, and then give some more overall thoughts on the game after. Let's begin!

UCLA's Finishing in the Paint Around Arizona's Rim Protection
If there was 1 thing that stood out to me in this game, it was with the Bruins' ability to score against the Wildcats' size inside. Arizona as a team is 4th in the nation in blocks per game at 6.4. Backup big Oumar Ballo swats 4.3 shots per 100 possessions, and starting center Christian Koloko blocks an absurd 6.9 shots per 100 possessions. Koloko himself has more games this season with 4+ blocks (9) than games with 3 or less blocks (8). Blocks aren't the only way to decide if a player affects shots at the rim or not (FG% at the rim, shots attempted in the paint, etc.), but it certainly says something when Koloko and Ballo combined for only 1 block in the entire game. Arizona as a team only had 2 blocks the entire game as well. That begs the question, how did the Bruins do so well against arguably the best rim protection in the country?
Much of this damage was actually done on the block for the Bruins. UCLA did not shy away from letting Cody Riley post up 1-on-1 with Christian Koloko and allowing Riley to attack the Cameroonian. Riley did a great job in attacking Koloko's armpit, that is, he recognized that Christian always had his right arm up early against him so Christian could quickly contest the shots of the lefty Riley. The problem with this is that (combined with how subpar of a job Koloko did at opening his hips vs Riley on the block) it allowed Riley to get his hips even with Koloko's hips and his shoulders under & past Koloko's armpit. That gave Cody an easy angle and sightline to the basket and made it so the only way Christian could affect the shot would be by going through Cody's shoulders and fouling him. Despite all the great physical tools that Christian possesses and how great of a shot blocker he's been this year, Riley's savvy gave Cody great angles to the hoop and made sure Christian couldn't use his length to track the ball and affect those shots at the rim. 18:00 1st half 6:20 1st half 20:00 2nd half
I've also included a couple clips of Rudy Gobert blocks for comparison's sake. I know it's not necessarily fair to compare the rim protection of a collegiate junior to that of a 3x DPOY in the NBA with nearly a decade of NBA experience, but I wanted you all to see how Gobert unlocks his hips and tracks the ball with his arms and compare that to the Koloko clips. Gobert block on Andre Drummond Gobert block on Jarrett Allen
Arizona's helps defense was also caught in late rotations during this game too. Part of that was due to UCLA's excellent spacing putting backline defenders in conflict, like here when Jules Bernard is able to blow by Azuolas Tubelis and puts Koloko in a tough spot. Rotate up the lane too early and it's a dump off to Myles Johnson underneath the basket for a thunderous dunk. Rotate too late (like he does on the play) and Bernard gets a comfortable floater. Some of that was also just late recognition by the Cats' last line of defense. Unfortunately for Arizona, Tubelis playing with an injury knock hurt their team in a pretty crucial moment. UCLA head coach Mick Cronin exploited the mismatch of Tubelis on Jaime Jaquez Jr just as the Wildcats made a run in the 2nd half to get themselves back into the game. This play in the midst of a 9-1 Arizona run really encapsulates what I mean as Jaquez rejects the ball screen at the top of the key, breezing by Azoulas and catching Ballo napping, who is so concerned with the Spain action of Tyger Campbell that he is late to help and doesn't even get a contest at the rim. Jaquez got Tubelis and Ballo again with under 12 minutes to go this time. A double ghost screen by UCLA allows Jaime to attack the mismatch with a ton of space on the floor. A pump fake finds Tubelis in the air once at the 3pt line and another time under the basket, with Ballo flying by as well in the paint to free up the Bruin forward for the easy deuce. Here's another one for the Koloko catalogue. Jaquez gets a post up on the smaller Jalen Terry, and Christian isn't aggressive nor quick enough from the weak to affect this shot attempt as Jaime uses his significant size advantage to get one of his easier buckets of the night. I hope I'm not coming off too critically here. I don't think that all of a sudden Koloko and Ballo are just terrible defensive centers. They've put up those gaudy numbers I referenced earlier for a reason, and I expect they'll go back to swallowing up shots in the Pac-12 in no time. I just find it fascinating when a team attacks another team's strength and actually succeeds in doing so.

Other Thoughts
The pace of the game was a really interesting part of the game. First 4-5 minutes or so were a track meet and that definitely favored Arizona. It's no surprise that the game was close when it was up and down (Arizona is ranked 2nd in tempo on KP) but once the Cats missed a couple shots and the Bruins could slow the game down a bit (188th in tempo on KP), the game swung in UCLA's favor.
I highly doubt Arizona will shoot this badly from 3 again this season. There was a long stretch during the game where the Wildcats missed 18 threes in a row. Kerr Kriisa had an infamous shooting night going 0-9 from 3. I tracked over half of his attempts as being either lightly contested or straight up open. I'm interested to see how much of a home bounce their distance shooting gets in the return fixture. Just luck-wise it's hard to see a way they & Kriisa shoot that poorly again in the home game.
Tactically, it was interesting to see Arizona head coach Tommy Lloyd basically use 3 different defenses during the game. He switched from drop man-to-man PnR coverage, to switching, to even a 2-3 matchup zone at times. The wildest part to me is that absolutely none of them worked. UCLA will occasionally do some Spain PnR or run their floppy sets for Johnny Juzang to work his midrange magic from, but other than that it's either weave into isolation at the top of the key or a high PnR at the top of the key on offense. With different self-creators like Cody Riley, Tyger Campbell, Jules Bernard, Johhny Juzang, and Jaime Jaquez Jr, UCLA's philosophy on offense is to simply exploit the best matchup they have or the worst defender their opponent has. There's nothing too fancy about their ball or player movement but it doesn't have to be. Their offense in the same vein of crunch-time NBA offenses make them very versatile in being able to attack different types of looks defensively over the course of a game. Something to watch out for in the rematch of this game and in March as well. Their high Pick n Roll/Pick n Pop game is simple but deadly. Jaquez had the most important basket of the night to get the lead back from 7 to 10. Watson is getting better every game on both ends. Riley midrange PnP just unlocks all the spacing for UCLA. David Singleton also can provide spacing as a PnP/spot up threat from 3 too moving forward.
I'm surprised Bennedict Mathurin has seemingly avoided flack for this performance. 2-16 inside the arc. I have him down as 0-6 from midrange, but there were a couple borderline ones so a place like Synergy might have it tracked a little differently. He really struggled with contact as a slasher. Some stuff in the paint was let go that would probably have been fouls for most other crews in the country, but you've still got to convert some of these too. He's got the size and frame to finish through contact. Mathurin is an absolutely fantastic player though, I'm sure he'll make amends rather quickly.
Arizona's spacing in this game with Tubelis and another big out there on offense was realllllllllllllllllllllllllllly clunky. Not a ton of space to drive into and Jaquez, Riley, and Johnson were constantly able to lurk in the paint and contest shots in the paint. Tubelis tried to make his game fit with post ups and trying to seal his defender up the lane on drives but it didn't work, the paint was still cluttered. Things looked smoother with Pelle Larsson out there as the small-ball 4 but he missed a couple wide open 3s that would have really helped Arizona comeback in the game. He only shot 2-7 from 3 but he could have had a couple more go in. Arizona had their best success on offense when they lifted 1 side of the floor. You can see on this play Tubelis lifts at the same time Kriisa and Ballo play their 2 man game. Tubelis sets a brush backscreen on Larsson's defender and the PG finds Pelle for the easy backdoor finish. Koloko and Ballo also had a couple lobs as a result of Arizona lifting their 4 from the dunker's spot and clearing out the paint. I am very interested in seeing if that's something Arizona and Coach Lloyd will make more use of in their rematch.
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2022.01.28 17:07 -en- @Reuters: The Bidens welcomed Willow the cat to the White House https://t.co/G08JuAmRcn https://t.co/m6LHadfow0

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2022.01.28 17:07 AhmetBuraK_2 What is your favorite game that can open on a bad computer?

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2022.01.28 17:07 Semiba Mod that removes helmet during conversations?

As stated in the title. Anybody know of one?
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2022.01.28 17:07 Apxm Robinhood posts $423 million net loss, shares sink after hours

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Out of curiosity, what's the tardiness policy for Rxm?
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2022.01.28 17:07 MikaMeredith (TSXV: NDVA) Indiva Limited will host a Investor Webinar on Tuesday February 8th at 1 pm (PT)

Indiva Limited will host a Investor Webinar on Tuesday February 8th at 1 pm (PT). Investors, institutional investors and advisors are invited to register to attend the presentation.
Here's the link to register:https://app.livestorm.co/stocks2watch/explore-indiva-in-2022
This webinar will feature the companys CEO and President, Niel Marotta, who will discuss everything the company has planned and previous milestones and will last 20 minutes approximately.
Indiva sets the standard for quality and innovation in cannabis. As a Canadian licensed producer, Indiva produces and distributes award-winning cannabis products nationally, including Bhang簧 Chocolate, Wana Sour Gummies.
This is NOT financial advice, always do your own research.
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2022.01.28 17:07 OldGuyGamingTime Stealth Ship

Stealth Ship
Ok so I know its not really stealthy but its cool looking. Video Tour Here
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2022.01.28 17:07 -Nezu- twilight is broken

hello, my twilight is broken, and nocash wont work, the screen just goes black when i try to turn on my ds, when i take the sd card out unlaunch loads, but when i put the sd card in it doesnt, i havent done anything. it just stopped working.
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2022.01.28 17:07 Big_dawg_lou96 My Oncidium Twinkle Oro nearly into full bloom, they reek like vanilla icing with some funk, a lot smaller than I imagined but still beautiful(:

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2022.01.28 17:07 Former_Examination_5 What training regimen do you follow? My Garage Gym Pics for attention.

RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack w/ 41.5\" rack depth
GetRx'd GHD
I just joined the channel and hope to learn from all the other people here.

I've heard a lot of people that follow a WOD training style use Street Parking. I mainly follow a Strength Training regimen (Bigger Leaner Stronger) 3 days a week and supplement the other days with Rowing/Walking/Jogging/or some sort of cardio.
What type of training do you do?
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2022.01.28 17:07 SavageNami [F4M] Nicole The Assassin Part 3 | Shee You Punched Your Yandere Girlfriends Brother! F4M | Wholesome Girlfriend ASMR

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9DuNhxSU9w Script by: u/Gamma_Writes https://www.reddit.com/ASMRScriptHaven/comments/qtivkv/nicole_the_assassin_pa rt_3/
Sound only: https://soundcloud.com/savagenami/sets/shee-you-punched-your-yandere-girlfriends-brother-f4m-wholesome-girlfriend-asmr?si=42e99e488f0f405c9d28523cf77f095a&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
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2022.01.28 17:07 -en- @Reuters: U.S. SEC approves new U.S. exchange with blockchain feed, faster settlement https://t.co/AUwjtohog1 https://t.co/fsrdVY7Scd

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2022.01.28 17:07 alicia_leoni Help! Missing content

So I have all extensions and all stuff packs etc. I downloaded some worlds ages ago and they also worked fine. I then found CC the other day and went a little download crazy. I went on my game and saw some of my old saves not working. Then realised my old worlds werent there. My downloaded ones like riverview etc were, but my old ones like Appaloosa plains and that wasnt. Im missing quite a few!! I tried to see what the problem was. Took all CC off and even the downloaded worlds. But still not there. If I do that I literally have sunset valley! I have now realised every single of my expansions and stuff packs have disappeared and the only option its giving me is to buy them!!! Please can someone help me. Thanks.
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2022.01.28 17:07 ramblepaw My friends and I race games on Saturday, Last week we started racing LEGO Star Wars 3, The Clone Wars!

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